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The Benefits of a Professional Teeth Whitening

There is nothing vain or shallow about wanting to restore the whiteness that your teeth have lost over time due to staining foods and drinks. If you often feel embarrassed or self-conscious when you smile, then getting your teeth whitened can help restore your confidence and make you feel good about smiling again.

Over-the-counter teeth whiteners such as whitening gums, whitening toothpastes, and whitening strips might be able to brighten up your smile a little bit, but there are many more benefits to be had by getting your teeth whitened by a dentist. In just about every circumstance, a professional teeth whitening from a dental clinic such as the Grover Dental Centre will be:

  • More Effective

In-office teeth whitening treatments are much more effective because dentists are able to use a stronger bleaching agent than you can find in any over-the-counter whitener. This allows dentists to target stains deep below the surface of the tooth.

  • More Comfortable
Instead of messing around with trays and strips at home, you can come sit in a comfortable dentist chair, have the whitening agent applied directly to your teeth, and be on your way in a short while.
  • Faster

Compared to at-home whitening treatments, which can take weeks to produce any results, an in-office whitening procedure can see significant teeth whitening after just one 30- to 60-minute session. Most patients require only a few sessions to achieve the smile they want.

  • Longer Lasting

Perhaps the biggest benefit of a professional teeth whitening is that it produces lasting, long-term results. You'll notice that your teeth stay pearly white for up to a year after your whitening sessions are done.

Teeth Whitening in Medicine Hat

While surface whiteners may be useful for mild surface staining, they don't measure up to the effectiveness, comfort, quick results, and long-term results offered by a professional whitening procedure.

The cosmetic dentistry services at the Grover Dental Centre can help you achieve the smile you've been longing for in just a few quick teeth bleaching sessions. Our friendly dentists and hygienists can also give you tips on how to keep your teeth looking white long after your procedure is done. You can book an appointment with us today by giving us a call or filling in our convenient online form.

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