Teeth Whitening Services Offered at Grover Dental Centre in Medicine Hat

Your smile is a great way to meet the world, whether it is for a family photo, job interview, or to exude confidence in your overall day to day routine. At Grover Dental Centre, we want you to be confident about showing off your smile. We offer a variety of teeth whitening services to our patients in Medicine Hat , that are proven to be far more effective, and long lasting, than over the counter whitening products.

Over time, our teeth can become stained, darkened, and discolored. The effects of coffee, tea, wine, soda, and smoking, all effect the overall health and appearance of our smile. Professional grade whitening systems contain high concentrations of the bleaching agents. Our dentist and his team, provide the support necessary, and monitor the health of your teeth and gums. Thus ensuring the whitening process is working effectively, and providing our patients with the ultimate results!

We are proud to use Whiter ImageTM as our main professional take home teeth whitening system. This deluxe system, provides effortless, discomfort free, results in the comfort of your own home. The Whiter ImageTM system is to be used with custom, form fitting soft trays made by our qualified staff. The stable, powerful, bleaching agents, effectively, and efficiently remove staining for a whiter and brighter smile. The syringes offer;

  • 12% hydrogen peroxide gel
  • Little to no sensitivity
  • Visible results in 5-10 days

Products offered at Grover Dental Centre include starter kits, syringe refills, and whitening pens.

LumiBriteTM professional in office whitening, provides instant results to our patients. This system is Grover Dentals’ most effective and efficient way of achieving your whitest shade. If the post-care instructions are followed, LumiBriteTM results can last for years, with very little at home touch-ups with our custom made trays. Chair side whitening is comfortable, uncomplicated, and offers no harmful UV rays. Patients can expect to be anywhere from 5-9 shades whiter in as little as 1hr.

Products offered at Grover Dental Centre include an in-office whitening session with take home syringes.

If you are interested in a brighter smile to add confidence to your overall image, consider professional whitening at Grover Dental Centre in Medicine Hat. Please call today for more information and to book an appointment with our team!

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